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Who can use

Anyone with a multi-factor authenticated Auburn University account can create an shortcut. Anyone can use created shortcuts and QR codes.

How long will a shortcut live?

Please refer to the Terms of Service but in general they live forever. Administrators for a specific shortcut can delete the shortcut and system administrators can remove shortcuts if they deem the Terms of Service have been violated.

What are the restrictions for shortcuts?

Shortcuts are limited to 32 characters and cannot contain the following special characters: periods (.), slashes (/ \), asterisks (*), carets (^), question marks (?), equals (=), pipes (|), percentages (%), apostrophes (‘), semi-colons (;), accents (`), quotes (”), plus signs(+) angled brackets (< >) and commas (,). Also there is a list of banned words that have been deemed offensive. An error message will be displayed if these rules are triggered.

What sort of metrics are provided? provides basic analytics, which include number of hits (total/QR), referring sites, and browsers used. Additional analytics may be created; however, website speed optimization is paramount so requests to will be analyzed via cost/benefit.

How do I change my shortcut?

Shortcuts are treated as unique items, therefore, shortcuts cannot be changed. If a mistake was made while creating a shortcut, delete it and create a new one. The destination URL may be changed by editing the properties for a specific shortcut on the “my requests” page.

What are the restrictions for destination URLs?

Please refer to the Terms of Service. runs URLs through Google’s safe browsing site checker. If the destination URL is flagged, the shortcut will not be created. Also URLs with the following characters are not allowed: asterisks (*), carets (^), pipes (|), accents (`), quotes (”), plus signs(+), and angled brackets (< >).

Where can I send additional questions that were not answered here?


Last Updated: 5/8/2019